blackberry frozen yogurt.

While walking the dogs today, Caleb and I noticed that there are a lot of wild blackberries in our neighborhood, particularly in the empty lot next to ours (I knew that living next to the well lot had to have some benefit).  So, we grabbed a bucket, and this was the result.  I pretty much made this one up, after consulting a lot of different online sources:

Blackberry Frozen Yogurt


I would . . . You could . . .
2 cups blackberries (food process and press through sieve) 2 cups any berries, including thawed frozen berries
2 cups nonfat vanilla yogurt 2 cups regular yogurt
1/3 c white sugar  
2 T brown sugar  
juice from half a lemon  


Mix all ingredients in food processor and pour into ice cream maker.  Freeze according the manufacturer’s directions.

Recipe Extras 

Sex It Up By:  


Chocolate chips or chunks of high-quality chocolate

Calling it

Iced Yogurt with Fresh Blackberries and Chocolate Shavings  
Cooking Tip: Because of the lack of fat in this recipe, it’s likely to get icy with time-it tastes best right out of the ice cream maker.

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