My name is Lindsay, and I love to both play and cook.  Preferably simultaneously, although I’ll take what I can get.  I haven’t gone to culinary school (nor do I plan to), and I don’t own a restaurant or catering company.  My only cooking accomplishments are as follows:

  • I try to eat in more than I eat out
  • I try to eat healthfully, which typically means low in saturated fat and high in nutrients
  • My friends look at the weekly menus I post on my fridge and say “Can I come over on Monday?  Oh and Tuesday?  And also Wednesday, etc . . . “
  • I have a reputation for creating multi-course meals that appear complex (and that have fantastical names reminiscent of a chi-chi restaurant!), but are actually totally doable by almost anyone


I’ve figured out this cooking thing with very little input from professionals, and you can too! There’s no excuse for salivating over my menus, when you can create them yourself.  All you need is a little guidance, a little preparation, and a lot of enthusiasm.  Food is meant to be enjoyed in all cases, and played with in many.  If it’s not fun, you shouldn’t cook it (or eat it).

How do I use this site?

In general, each post focuses on a recipe that I have either created or adapted from another online site.  First, I’ll comment a little about the recipe.  Then, I’ll list the ingredients, with a list of the things “I would ” include, accompanied by changes “You could” make.  The important thing to remember is that, with the exception of baking recipes, you can be pretty flexible with the amounts of each ingredient you include.  Part of the fun and artistry of cooking is changing each recipe to fit your personal taste.  After the ingredient list comes the recipe steps and the recipe yield.  Lastly, don’t forget to check out the “Recipe Extras” section for suggestions on how to further make the recipe your own.  You’re encouraged to “Sex It Up” by adding additional ingredients or plating elements, and by giving your dish an elaborate name.  Five star restaurant, anyone?


One Response

  1. Love your photography.
    Found your site through “food styling:keeping it real” as I’m researching food styling techniques for a potential client.
    The ‘egg McMuffin’ is wonderful with the window light. On another shot you seemed to be using direct sunlight, you may try using a piece of white foamcore/poster board to bounce some of that light back into the shadows to soften them just a bit.
    I look forward to trying some of your recipes.

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